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In Support of #FOAMED

Over the past few years, I’ve started delving into the world that is #foamed. For those of you unaware, it stands for ‘free open access medical education’ and is a global movement to share ideas and knowledge to better ourselves and the care we provide.

FOAM is a collection of resources, a community and an ethos. The FOAM community spontaneously emerged from the collection of constantly evolving, collaborative and interactive open access medical education resources being distributed on the web with one objective — to make the world a better place. FOAM is independent of platform or media — it includes blogs, podcasts, tweets, Google hangouts, online videos, text documents, photographs, facebook groups, and a whole lot more.

This past month I attended the Wisconsin EMS Association’s double header conference, #WEMSA19. It was fantastic and I’ll definitely write an entire post about. Not only did I learn more than I could imagine, but it gave face to all of the people I’ve learned from in FOAM, and it’s made me more excited for the future of medicine.

As I write this, I’m planning my next conference attendance – FAST19, a symposium hosted by FlightBridgeED. It’s bound to be an amazing time, so if you want to join me, head on over and check it out:

Last modified: January 26, 2019